We are very proud of this new concept of living, with modern architecture and sustainable design that unfolds giving a glimpse into the future of the new world.

Luxury apartments with unparalleled views of the golf course with a balance between nature, design and technology through sustainable construction.

UMA is a lifestyle that shapes technology, health and wellness, safety, design and quality in all its spaces.

We are delighted to be setting the bar for the future in the luxury real estate industry.

Luis Pablo de Los Cobos


Nowadays, most people have routines that involve spending around 78% of their time in enclosed spaces and buildings like homes or offices.

As a result, more than half of our time is spent indoors.
This is an important fact because it’s also been proven that indoor air can be much more polluted than outdoor air with the air quality being up to 100 times worse due to humidity, CO2 emissions from people inside an enclosed space, poor ventilation, among other reasons.

At UMA Livigin Well, we are what we breathe. An adult inhales approximately 2,800 gallons of air per day. Paint in the interior walls of a house favor the synthesis of clean air and are the next step for human well-being.

At UMA Living Well we care about the health of our residents, that is why we will use organic paint with technology that eliminates 88.8% of contamination and 99.9% of the bacteria.


For UMA, protection of the natural environment is crucial, since it contributes to social and economic development, while promoting the use of renewable energies.

  • Residual waters treatment, for watering gardens and green areas.
  • Inverse Osmosis System, to purify water for domestic use, which will be sent to
    faucets and showers.
  • Gathering of rainwater for bathrooms.
  • Thermal sealing, hermetic doors and windows, as well as specially treated glass.
  • Classification of residues. Compost preparation from organic residues, to be utilized as fertilizer.
  • LED low-consumption lighting.
  • Fan & Coil Air Conditioning, equipped with an energy-saving system.